for Supervisor District 5

Election Day: NOVEMBER 2nd

Early Voting Begins: SEPTEMBER 17th


has lived in Madison Heights his whole life. He graduated from VMI with an engineering degree and works at BWXT.

Drew values his faith in God and his family. He is fiscally conservative and a major proponent of the Constitution, as written.

Drew is running on a platform to promote community involvement and see the community continue to develop into a prosperous and safe place we can all be proud to live. He would like to see continued growth in the educational sector as well, focusing on basic fundamentals such as math, reading, and writing.

Amherst Life, Amherst Values

  • Advance Economic Development and Growth in Amherst

  • Support Public Safety

  • Support students and Educational Improvements.

  • Say NO to divisive agendas like Critical Race Theory.

Contact Drew by email at maitlin.d.wade@gmail.com or by phone at (434) 338-9626.